I am a 20-something ordinary girl with an ordinary life.

I loooove music, movies, books, food, and TV.

I love children books (Astrid Lindgren’s -hence my blog name-, Erich Kästner’s, Enid Blyton’s, etc)

I am a big fan of Coldplay but most of all I enjoy good music.

I have a keen interest in pop-culture.

I tend to over thinking and analyzing things.

I love funny websites (you can see them on “my favorite sites”). 😀

I complain bout things a lot.

I am talentless (in music, sports, arts, and stuffs) xD

And I thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂


4 thoughts on “About

  1. ahh….
    gw memperawani postingan ini…

    —malam ini aku merasa sebagai pemenang…-
    duduk ngebenerin sarung…
    –asap mengepul kemudian..

    nih halaman… sejak kapan ada ya…?

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