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The Obligatory Birthday Post (thatnoonecaresabout)

Erm… How dare you still calling it “obligatory birthday post” when you didn’t post anything on your last birthday (and actually the whole year)?!

Well if it could make any better, my boss wished me happy birthday and said “Welcome to 30!” so I guess this post can be counted as my 30th and 31st birthday post right? :p


WAIT??? I’M THIRTY ONE??!!! FFFFFFFUUUUUU… Eh actually not really panic about getting older now. What can I do about it? It’s not like I could ask to borrow a Time-Turner from Professor McGonagall, right? 😀

I’m proud to say that I’m a bit wiser today. Finally realized that some of my problems actually can be easily solved by saying NO. Hahaha… where have I been? I was actually inspired when I was looking at my playlist and the next song was Bad Decisions by Two Doors Cinema Club. My whole life I’ve kept making bad decisions and I wasn’t even drunk! I can’t blame the alcohol, it’s all on me! So today, I was thinking “Do I really want to do this?”, “Will this thing make me inconvenient?”, “Will this person hate me if I say no?”, and so on. Then I saw this song on my playlist and I was all “Fuck it! I should stop making bad decisions.” And now I’m freeeeeeee (maybe tomorrow I’ll regret saying no but I’m pretty sure my life will be so much easier).


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