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It’s Gonna Rain


When did we start hating the rain?

Since we’re carrying our *fragile* gadgets everywhere and we’re scared to death raindrops will ruin them.

Since the road will be flooded and makes this city traffic even worse.

Since we have to spend hours and hours on the road to go to our destination.

Not to mention spending those hours in a hot and crowded bus/train.

And since there is social media to declare how we hate it when rain starts pouring.


I remember back in the *much simpler* time how I always loved when it’s raining (especially in the morning, before I went to school). Excuse for tardiness! Yay! (oh okay not such a good reason to love rain). I loved it too when it’s raining before I went home after school. Playing in the rain! Another yay! (never brought umbrella, always brought plastic bag to ‘protect’ my books.) I loved it when it’s raining in the afternoon, another time to play in the rain (when my mom being generous and let me did it). Or when my mom didn’t let me play in the rain but we’re inside drinking warm tea and eating pisang goreng (best snack when it rains).

I want to cherish those moments. Sure now when it rains, the traffic sucks, the roads are flooded, our gadgets are in ‘danger’, we can barely walk on the sidewalk (because this city’s sidewalk is the worst) without having mud all over our shoes. But is it because of the rain?


And always remember this classic 🙂




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