Signs You’re Having Your Quarter Life Crisis

Pembaca setia blog ini pasti tau lah yaaaa betapa dramanya gw saat nambah umur 😀 Nah berdasarkan penelitian “ilmiah” dari sini (best site to waste your time by the way), ada beberapa tanda elo mengalami quarter life crisis. Mari kita cek satu-persatu (if I really have one):

1. You’ve been daydreaming about doing something crazy.

Yes, we’ve I’ve been there.

Should you move to Europe? Join the Peace Corps? The military? Go to grad school? Sell your belongings and take up residence in an ashram?

Yes. Yes. No. Not really grad school but back to school. Yes (okay, not ashram but somewhere far off duniawi things)

Mikir mau cabut dari kerjaan, ngambil kuliah sesuai minat, start all over again.


2. …but you feel paralyzed by indecision.

Tapi umur segini kayaknya udah telat buat ulang dari awal.

Gw masih harus nyelesain ikatan dinas atau gw harus bayar denda (duit dari mana?).

Kalo ternyata pilihan gw itu ga sesuai harapan gimana?


3. You feel increasingly nostalgic for your high school and college days.

High school days. Definitely high school days. My hardest decision probably was what to eat for lunch 😀 Life was so simple back then.


4. The idea of making a budget terrifies you.

I’m not in a big debt but I definitely have problems with saving my money 😐


5. You’re starting to think of your dating life differently.

Becandaannya udah, “lamar aku mas, lamar aku sekarang!”


6. You have a sudden, intense fear of failure.

check no. 2


7. You’re bored with your friends.

No, of course not. I wuff you all my friends *kiss kiss* (okay, I lie a lit bit about that :p)


8. You constantly compare yourself to your friends who are your age…

Everyone’s married already! AHHHH

Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, Jamie Bell, Megan Fox (eh, what do you mean they’re not my friends?)


9. …or your parents when THEY were your age.

Mom, why did you marry at such a young age? xD


10. You feel like your twenties aren’t turning out how you expected they would.

This might be the biggest sign of all that you’re starting to contemplate your quarter-life milestone: You can’t stop thinking about how this isn’t exactly where you pictured you’d be at 23, 25, or 30. Maybe you don’t have a significant other. Maybe you’re not exactly in your dream job. Sure, you were never a “white-picket fence” person, but you thought you’d at least have SOME of your shit together by now. Instead, you have papajohns.com bookmarked on your browser and a halfhearted OkCupid habit.


Terus sekarang gimana? Apa yang harus gw lakukan? Silahkan ke link tadi buat baca beberapa sarannya. But my favorites will be:

…finding people I can share my struggles with has helped me immensely in my twenties; there’s absolutely nothing more valuable than a friend to whom you can say, “Hey, my life is shitty right now,” and hear back, “Me too. Let’s talk about it.”

I’m so happy we’re in this shit together, guys :*


Life is too fucking short to daydream it away wishing you had someone else’s.


Enough said 🙂



2 thoughts on “Signs You’re Having Your Quarter Life Crisis

  1. hahahah…
    buzzfeed itu emang edan sih neng..
    eniwey…, mamak gw nikah umur 16 tahun…,
    dan sepuluh tahun tambahan dari umur dia menikah.., anaknya cuma bisa komen komen random di blog orang kayak gini.

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