This is beautiful :’)

ve handojo

i once met a man not of my single dream
i hated the hair, i loathed the skin
he tried to impress, he tried to scheme
to have nine kisses, each in different scene

whoever stops first is the sad quitter
whoever falls in love is called the loser
whoever completes without falling
will be declared the one winning

i accepted the challenge with a kiss
the kind that binds my tongue with his
it was five minutes in the back seat
of an old Volkswagen dimly lit

i bumped into him a month later
in a seedy bar called Never After
i ordered tequila to the bartender
and made the man’s lips salty all over

the third one came after high school graduation
i was in my uniform, in the mood of a celebration
he spotted me with my peers in a parking lot
he came to me, his tongue went…

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