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A Post About Everything

Okay… So I’ve been so much less productive to write in this blog these past months. At first I thought cause there’s not a lot of things happen in my life to write about. Not a lot of fun, interesting, sad, lovey-dovey, and all of that stuffs. And then I just realize that I’m just scared (and okay lazy). I care too much with what people gonna think about me when I post something. I’m not saying my posts are good ones though, it’s boring in fact. But fuck that! No one really read my blog anyway *yet I set this post visibility as private*. *and now it sets as public :D* -update-

I should stop thinking about what other people gonna think. Let’s write what I want to write. Let it be sad, happy, funny, interesting, or (most often) boring.

So let’s write 🙂


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